Introduction for COR-TEN® series 耐候性鋼板簡介

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Introduction for COR-TEN® series  耐候性鋼板簡介

Good morning, let me introduce the COR-TEN series for you today. There some representative standards as below :


早安! 今天來介紹關於COR-TEN的資訊 COR-TEN代表性的規格共有以下幾種:


And let me explain this to you in detail COR-TEN O is a kind of steel contain the element P(phosphorus). Even though it with the weather resistance characteristic. The phosphorus will make the hot crack occurred easily, we suggest not to adopt this material used in the welding construction which the thickness is over 12cmm. Therefore , it’s appropriate to be used in such as architecture﹑shell of the train﹑container and other steel tower etc., .

接著讓我們來稍微說明一下 COR-TEN O雖然具備了耐候的特性,但由於是含有磷元素的鋼材,在焊接時容易因熱產生裂痕, 厚度超過12mm的構造用鋼材上,請避免使用這一種材質。 因此,適合的範例如;建築外裝材、鐵道車輛外板、貨櫃以及其他的鐵塔等等。

On the other hand, for the COR-TEN490、COR-TEN570 ,compared to COR-TNE O , they are less prone to the heat hardness and crack, with the good welding characteristics. Therefore, it’s widely used in, for example, bridge, steel frame, steel tower, industrial machine and floodgate etc., .

另一方面, COR-TEN490、COR-TEN570這兩種材質相較於COR-TEN O較不容易產生硬化以及裂痕,適合用來焊接。因此, 主要的應用範例為: 橋梁,鋼骨,鐵塔,產業機械,水庫閘門等等熔接構造用的物體。

At present, the COR-TEN series used in the industry purpose put effort into our selling. For example, the special purpose vehicle such as garbage truck, or the parts of truck which are concerned of corrosion. About the assortment, we could handle from the steel plate to the shaped steel like square pipe.

目前熊谷特殊鋼在COR-TEN銷售的現狀上, 是以產業用途為主。 舉例來說,像是垃圾車的特殊車輛或是耐腐蝕的貨車車體等等。 再來在種類的部分,從厚鋼板到特殊型鋼(例如角型鋼管)都可供您選擇。
For the future, we want to promote not only the products for the industry purpose, also the COR-TEN O without non-coating for the construction purpose. If you are interested in the COR-TEN steel, no matter the material characteristic or more using example, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

展望未來, 我們不只希望提供產業用的鋼材, 適合使用在建築外材的無鍍膜COR-TEN O的部分, 也是目前正積極推展的素材, 若是您對COR-TEN O 系列有興趣,或者是想要詢問更多素材特性或是使用實例等等, 都歡迎隨時向敝司洽詢!

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Please inquire for other kinds of special steel,
in addition to other processing techniques.