The information about hot extruded steel 熱擠型鋼材資訊

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The information about hot extruded steel 熱擠型鋼材資訊

Hello every one, today we want to share the information about hot extruded-steel.

大家好, 今天來跟大家介紹關於熱擠型鋼材的資訊。

First is the manufacturing process of the hot extruded-steel. Hot extruded shapes are produced by means of the hot extrusion method. In the method, round billets are heated to around 1,200°C, and then hot extruded through dies mechanically processed into diverse configurations. The hot extruded shapes thus obtained are then subjected to tensile straightening and other finishing processes to produce the final product.

首先, 是關於熱擠型工法的說明 熱擠型鋼材是將棒狀的材料經過1200℃左右的加熱之後, 推擠進入設計的模具,擠壓成型後再經過拉伸等整形的過程生產出的一種熱擠型鋼材。

Let me summarize briefly, the merits of hot extruded-steel are as following.

  • In contrast to standard specified shapes by rolling process, hot extruded shapes permit the original and freedom design.
  • The hot extrusion process forms shapes by passing the material through die calibers, thereby greatly saving the machining process.
  • Produced by means of solid forming, the welding processes can be saved.
  • Suitable for small-lot production and model changes of shapes.


  • 相較於滾製壓研的定型化產品可製造出外形複雜並具獨創性的產品。
  • 藉由模具擠壓成型可減低切削工程。
  • 一體成形的製造工程省略焊接工程。
  • 適合少量生產,在尺寸更改方面相較於壓延滾製更容易操作。

Available steel assortments as following:

  • General steel (SS400 etc., )
  • Carbon steel (SC series)
  • High tensile steel
  • Stainless steel (SU304 etc.,)


  • 一般構造用鋼材(SS400 等等)
  • 低碳鋼(SC系列)
  • 高張力鋼
  • 不銹鋼(SUS304 等等)


And please see below for the H-beam steel through hot extruded process.



By the hot extrusion method to produce the original steel, the cost of machining process could be saved, also the wield portion can be prevented.

透過熱擠壓的工程來製造出這種具獨創外型的鋼材, 可以大幅降加工成本以及焊接工程。

The minimum lot available for order from 1 ton, the detail should be discussed. Our staff will provide the complete information about the lot amount for you. If you are interested in the hot extrude steel , please feel free to contact us first.

每一批次基本以1噸為最小生產量,敝司的負責人員將會提供您詳細的生產數量和規格給您, 若您對熱擠型鋼材感興趣的話, 歡迎隨時向敝司洽詢!

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Please inquire for other kinds of special steel, in addition to other processing techniques.



Please inquire for other kinds of special steel,
in addition to other processing techniques.